Twelve Years in China

Living in China from 2003 until 2014, I have captured my travels during this time of rapid change. Most of my pictures are taken off site the big cities. A selection of these pictures have been in the solo exhibition China's Empty Quarters in Beijing from September 23rd until October 26th 2014 in the Shuancheng Cafe (46 Fangjia Hutong). This was my farewell exhibition to China. For more information on this exhibition, please click here.

Yunnan monk on roof
Guizhou boys
Guizhou girl
Dong man hair cut
Guizhou street butchery
Guizhou village life on bridge
Victoria harbor with Star Ferry
Dried fish market
Central from Victoria Peak
Closed Market
Fish trawler in Victoria Harbor
Home on the clouds
Yunnan ray through the clouds
Yunnan grassland with wooden trail
Yunnan woman at horse
Lijiang street
Red peppers
Fairy forest in Yunnan Mountains
Sunflower lunch
Roofs of Lijiang quarter
Yunnan Marlboro Man
Man reading the news
Nap in Yunnan
Man with duck nose cap in Yunnan
Against photo aging
Woman with Parasol in Lijiang
Yunnan fur hunter
Woman in Lijiang
Fishing trawler in the Lamma Strait
Black kite
Fly having a nose full of honey
Grasshopper having a rest
Butterfly landed
Butterfly in bush
Black butterfly
Red dragonfly
Yung Shue Wan ferry pier
Yangshuo karst from balloon
Yangshuo karst from ballon 2
Li river Yangshuo
Landing ballon in Li River Valley
bridge over the Li River
Great wall unrestored near Beijing
Tulou houses
single Tulou house
Tulou village view
baskets inside a Tulou
Tulou inside view
Tulou wok
Tibet pilgrims
Camping om the way to Lhasa
Pilgrim treck to Lhasa
Yaks on Tibet plateau
Tibetan kids
woman with prayer mill in Lhasa
old man in Lhasa
man with prayer mill in Lhasa
old woman in Lhasa
Monk exam and debate
Tibetan monk
Potala palace - the photo
Tibetan monastery kitchen
Lake in thin air
Pilgrims resting on the way to Lhasa
corner in caochandi
park music director
army basketball court in Beijing
boat in dong hu bie shu
temple of the earth park clarinetist
Temple of the Earth Park streching
Temple of the earth park wresting
temple of the earth park dancing
immortal valley frozen waterfall
temple of the earth chess player
beijing fruit winter storage
collapsed frozen pond
beijing spirit
beijing collapse
fuck off or I run you over
hike on a rainy day
paper window with no paper
courtyard 7 window in the morning
Luojang 1
Luojang 2
Luojuang 3
Xian - the photo
Pressure cooker
Jia Yu Guan
silk road romance
western chinese wall
west China desert 1
west china desert dune
west china ruin
ruin city west china
Xinjiang haircut