The right to be forgotten (EU-GDPR)

Many of the EU GDPR regulations which come into force on May 25th do not apply for personal IT. And of course for systems of corporations and organisations this needs lawyers and auditors to be implemented, Still, as I watched what they were doing, I took this as an opportunity to comb through all my personal services and make sure personal data of third parties is secured, treated compliant and in many cases deleted (!). As a result, I actually did quite a few changes. For example, you do not find a contact form on my website anymore. It actually did collect personal information to understand the person contacting me, a bit better. Also my students will be required only to use University systems for communication, as such messages often contain even quite sensitive personal information (e.g. academic performance). All previous messages of this kind had to be deleted. Further, any email which is not sent on behalf of a company, university, government or has legal relevance will not be stored longer than 30 days. This excludes purely private communication of course. It also means that all social media posts, where third parties were commenting or tagged, have been removed. This website is from now on the leading system, pushing to social media through the system APIs, and there is no direct posting on social media any more, unless in closed groups which have management and oversight. Also from May 25th onwards all incoming emails from generic domains (e.g. Gmail, hotmail, yahoo, qq, etc.) will be purged automatically on a server level without further notice. Non-generic accounts are those, where the ID of the sender has been verified by the domain provider. Being online since the 1980s, I feel all this is quite a change. But a necessary and good one, to build a solid digital environment, which is actually less for play, but more for binding content. The Internet is not just a place for scientists and nerds anymore. So, where do we play next? While servers run to secure your right to be forgotten, I am happy to catch up over an analog chat and a coffee one day soon.