Over many years, I was able to split my time between corporate and academic work. Like this I have been lecturing and teaching in different formats in various Universities around the globe, which I enjoy very much. The exact course titles and the content varies a bit depending on the university requirements. But the list of titles you find below, is a good representation. Please click the button below for a list of upcoming lectures.


Credited courses in Degree Programms

Master, MBA and Executive MBA Programmes

  • Turn around management and corporate restructuring
  • Management consulting for consultants and managers
  • Corporate governance and organizational design
  • Decision and risk analysis 
  • Quantitative business forcasting
  • Market research
  • Doing Business in China (lectures and field study tour)
  • Doing Business in Germany (lectures and field study tour)

Undergraduate Teaching

  • International Business
  • Market Research
  • Europe field study tour for global business students

Executive Education

  • Turn around management and corporate restructuring
  • Real world Post Merger Integration
  • Crisis management
  • Doing Business in China
  • Tech clusters beyond Silicon Valley
  • Innovation Management

Workshops and Summer Schools

  • Quantitative research tools for PhD students
  • Consulting skills

Seminars and talks

  • Stages of a China Venture - From Market Entry to Exit
  • The reform of Chinese State Owned Enterprises - "Don't feed the Zombies"
  • Tech clusters beyond Silicon Valley