In Memoriam Kodak

Today I had to submit my social security registration to Chinese authorities and was asked for a photo of a size that I did not have available. So I dropped by a Kodak shop. Done. As Kodak just filed bankruptcy, this might be one of the last memories, I might have of this formerly grand company. I was brought up on Kodak Ektachrome and always when my pocket money allowed me to buy one instead of Agfa, I did so. Better to take a photo less, but then it has to be perfect. I spent years in the darkroom and the first time I switched from Ilford paper and chemicals to a color process, it was Kodak too. Most of my old family pictures are Kodak prints and films also. The company is really an amazing case of a "Fallen Angel". They even invented the digital camera, and then did not develop it further and capitalized on it. Even the 50 Mega Pixel Sensor in the low range Hasselblad (which is still high above my range) is made by Kodak. Hard to understand for me why all Kodak digital cameras I have seen are so bad. Of course, I know that in big companies people can stand on each other's feet. But they really must know better. And sure, there can be also really bad strategic decisions. So often the "old guys" sleep on their brilliance and fall into the hands of "new guys" who only claim to know how the future looks like and do complete nonsense. Did this also happen to Kodak? After Voigtlaender, Borgwart, Hanomag, Zuendapp and Much another one of my favorite companies disappeared. On the other hand there is for example Leica more vivid than ever. But all I know about the Business Case Kodak is just speculation. It is just such a shame.