Mind over matter

Another "mad week" is over: air was suffocating and work did not even leave time for lunch. But as there is sunshine after rain, there is also blue sky after smog, weekend after week and lunch after breakfast. Now we have a nice blue and clear day in Beijing, which makes me quickly forget the recent filth. Temperatures are up to 18 Degrees Celsius and soon a very short spring will be followed by summer. But in this quiet and pleasant day, still echoes the call of a friend who leaves for Germany with a brain tumor for treatment. How often does it feel like mind is over matter? But when the neurosurgeons go to work, all is matter. Who we are, is then reduced to a wiring of cortexes, lobes and neuronal tissue. And when we have to work on this mechanically, we touch the centre of our inner world with tools which seem inadequate.