No worries

After SCUBA-Diving last Thursday, I had a good mix of work and leisure. Friday night the Fringe Parade opened the festival in Adelaide, which is a very broad and nice cultural event. We had great fun, and the whole city was partying. The last few days then were quite hot and beside a weekend stroll over the beach, we did a small trip up to Port Adelaide, where there are quite a few efforts going on to attract visitors into markets, events and museums. I liked the South Australia Maritime Museum, which combines its topic naturally with immigration and how it partly formed Australian culture, while the South Australian Aviation Museum displays quite a bit of pioneering spirit. Starting the week at Adelaide University and in the State Library with meetings and preparations. Unfortunately, the library had to be evacuated due to a failure of the fire alarm system. But just a few hundred meters on, is already the City Library. No worries. Also nice, with a large rooftop terrace, and more of a community flair: kids doing homework, far sounds of electric guitars from the street artists, people coming up from the computer store and setting up their new laptops.