Impressed by EMBA Global Asia

Yesterday night I was invited to to the Hong Kong Four Seasons Hotel, and talk on the future of the Chinese Auto Industry. This was for the information session of EMBA Global Asia. It is a joined Executive MBA Programme of London Business School, Columbia Business School, and The University of Hong Kong School of Business. Back in 2008, when I was the Programme's Dean in Hong Kong, I already believed that we are creating something exceptional in Business Education: truly global, academically rigorous and a life changing experience far beyond the classroom. And when I met yesterday some of the alumni and prospect students, I was literally blown away. Under the restless effort of many people after my time involved, this has developed into one of the world's strongest Executive MBA-Progammes. It will be interesting where it will be in the rankings, once the time has come. The mother programme, EMBA Global, which is run unitedly by London Business School and Columbia University Business School, has been ranking world's number one in the Financial Times, just when EMBA Global Asia was launched. At that time, we always comforted ourselves that the ranking of the Asia stream will be still years ahead. But soon this time has come. And I am very confident, that the quality will be recognized also in the rankings.