Gozo Island

Gozo Island is in the waters of Malta, located on its North-Western tip. In the centre, the city Victoria with an amazing Citadelle already shows that this is not "just" an island with fishing villages, but that it has history going back into Neolithic age, and it was also in historical times a place of importance. Odysseus might have landed in the Calypso Cave, overlooking the islands , and all over the bays show defense towers which date back to the 1650s. A nice place to hop over by ferry. I was told that Gozo feels like Malta twenty years ago. Both places are very nice, but sure Gozo is more rural and (even more) laid back.

The Xlendi Tower (Gozo Island)

The Xlendi Tower (Gozo Island)


From Germany we made a quick trip to Malta and beside the holiday aspect, I had the honor and pleasure to be invited for a research seminar to the University of Malta. This is a very impressive place with very friendly people, and we enjoyed it a lot. More on the stay you find in the travel blog, and here just a few snapshots from the stay in Valletta, Mdina and Rabat.