Homa Bay

Tuition fees need to be paid in Homa Bay, Western Kenya

During my last few years of visiting Hong Kong, I became friends with a young lawyer completing his PhD successfully at The University of Hong Kong. We shared not just ideas, but also the same accommodation at the Robert Black College. Dr. Erick Komolo (PhD) now returned to Nairobi, where he joined the faculty of the University. But Erick told me about another mission which is very close to his heart: supporting the education of girls in his home village. For that he has founded maklweta.org chaired by Mrs Margaret Greene. Erick is now raising funds to finance tuition fees for school education for girls in Homa Bay, Western Kenya. Feibai and I support his work financially to cover fees for the coming year. Please visit http://www.maklweta.org/ and consider a donation or any other form of support. Any amount will be a big contribution.