A fine country (Singapore)

Right beside the impressing Campus of the Singapore Management University, close to the Central Business District of the City, is the Singapore Art Museum. I had only an hour to have a quick look what is inside the white walls and found a charming small museum showing a very good exposition of Xu Beihong. Another section on Vietnamese art after 1990 looked a bit naive to me, but I have neither insight into Vietnam’s society nor arts, so I just keep the impression as it is for now.

Singapore kept and developed much more charm than Hong Kong overall. Even it is also only a small island, it appears to be spacious and also the urban areas are green and well composed in terms of city planning. Where Hong Kong is only a business location with a completely practical approach to the use of space and hectic and noisy lifestyle, Singapore appears much more balanced in many aspects. There are parks and green spots everywhere, heritage is well preserved and new developments are matching older spots. Yes, Singapore is “a fine country”. Some people joke about this term, because they say you easily get a “fine” for also small convictions. I was told that chewing gum, for example, is not appropriate, by law. Well, thinking back to my time at a German high school, where you could not touch under a desk or chair without getting stuck in something sticky, I appreciate and understand that rule to the fullest.