Luwak Coffee (Bali, Indonesia)

Finding a way to increase the economic margin in rural areas, especially when it comes to agriculture is not easy, and a best practice is BAS Agrotourism, close to Kintamani on Bali (Indonesia): S08 Deg. 22.231”, E 115 Deg. 20.398’.

The farm is specialized on crops like coffee, cacao, ginseng, lemon grass and has the attraction of Luwak Coffee. Luwaks are fed with coffee beans and as they only eat the best ones, their excrement is then roasted to what is claimed the best coffee in the world. And it actually is a very good coffee, even it is not easy to compare directly because of the Indonesian way of brewing it (no perculation, just putting the coffee powder in the cup and let it sediment. The closest way of making coffee like this is using a Bodum pot

BAS also runs an organic shop at prices mainly targeting foreign tourists and the owner also records and markets Balinese music.