Japan’s Cherry Blossom

The first time I had the chance to see a bit of Japan outside Tokyo and Kobe. The route took me from Nagoya, first into the mountains to Takayama and then via Nagoya to Kyoto and back. Of course this is only a very small region, given the whole variety Japan offers in landscape and culture, but already this sample was stunningly beautiful. First of all arriving in Nagoya, I expected some haze which would have matched the fact that this city is one of the world’s largest industrial production power houses. But instead, I was surprised by crystal clear air and an amazing visibility over the city and the sea. Then a trip to Takayama, was a nice journey through though alpine sites and the city itself is quiet and has a centre of traditional Japanese houses. Then Kyoto has such a rich culture that it is completely impossible to see even only a fraction of it in a day. Japan needs more time, and is very interesting to explore. My first impression is that it is culturally utmost refined. Just the plain number of museums and traditional buildings show that such topics are a central point. People, are very friendly and kind, even though characters seem complex and faces and expressions hard to read (for me). I will for sure return to Japan and learn more.